Work Smart Circle: The Power Of Networking

Work Smart Circle: The Power Of Networking


14. November 2023    
14:00 - 18:00


DREHM pharma
Grünbergstraße 15/3/3, Wien, 1120

Effective leadership and corporate success do not occur in a vacuum. They rely on the relationships we build, the collaborations we enter into, and the forces we join. Both, within and outside of our own organizations.

Networking and assembling a circle of trust around us, therefore, are integral parts of current and future leaders’ personal and corporate successes.

Even more, the ability to access thriving networks is an important foundation for success of current and future leaders across the globe.

This Work Smart Circle Workshop hosted by Simone Poetscher of  Thrycon LLC offers self-directed online learning modules combined with an in-person deep-dive workshop to allow for both individual AND group learning.


  • IDENTIFY YOUR PERSONAL NETWORKMOTIVATIONS: To get crystal clear about your very own networking goals.
  • LEARN ABOUT THE NEW “PEOPLE-FIRST” WAY OF NETWORKING: So connecting with others is less awkward, never fake, and meant to last.
  • BECOME CLEAR ABOUT RELEVANT PLAYERS IN YOUR NETWORK: By analyzing who IS vs. who SHOULD be in your network, and whom to focus future efforts on.
  • PINPOINT OPPORTUNITIES FOR PROACTIVE OUTREACH: So you can strategically expand your network and not leave your circle of support up to chance.
  • BUILD A PLAN TO DIVERSIFY YOUR CONNECTIONS: To enjoy a differentiated set of backgrounds, opinions, skills, experiences, and reach.
  • PLAN FOR THE LONG RUN:By understanding how to build and nurture strong and meaningful relationships that last.
  • DEVELOP YOUR OWN PERSONAL NETWORKING STRATEGY: Based on tried & practiced insights and directed by hands-on support and exercises in the program workbook.

Simone Poetscher is the Founder & Connector in Chief of Thrycon LLC and the host of The Building Community Podcast. For the past two decades, she has worked with partners from industry, startups, non-profits, public service, associations, and higher educational institutions from across the globe to generate a positive people impact.

Thrycon LLC is a boutique consulting firm that brings a people-first approach to organizations. Their programs support Professional Networking, Self-Accountability, Leadership Development, Peer 2 Peer Mentoring, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Alumni Engagement.